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  • Why are healthcare companies lagging in customer satisfaction? Part 4 of Research Available.

    29.11.17 In: Current Research, News

    In the final instalment of our 2016 research of Customer Experience in pharmaceuticals and healthcare, we measure the current perception of customer satisfaction and experience from the viewpoint of healthcare professionals and explore ways in which this may be improved.

    Our research suggests that pharma and healthcare companies are lagging in comparison with other sectors in terms of customer satisfaction, why this may be and ways in which we can combat this ever-increasing issue.

  • Part 3 of Customer Experience in Healthcare Available On Request

    02.11.17 In: Current Research, News

    The much-awaited part 3 of our 2016 Customer Experience (CX) research, ‘Are healthcare companies delivering great customer experience?’ is now available. Following parts 1 and 2 (please email if you would like to request copies), part 3 titled ‘Understanding Our Customers’ explores the qualities of a CX focused organisation and the tools utilised to aid CX based strategy.

    Customer Experience in Healthcare

  • Benefits of a Marketing Mentor: White Paper

    24.04.17 In: Current Research, News

    Benefits of a Marketing Mentor

    There are many recent studies and articles on the value of not only one mentor but several mentors both inside your organisation as well as outside who can guide, advise and inspire you along your career journey. Uptake Strategies’s latest white paper outlines the benefits of having an expert marketing mentor and what to look for when choosing one.

  • Customer Experience Research in Healthcare: Part 2 Available

    12.04.17 In: Current Research, News

    In January we published Part 1 of our latest research ‘Are healthcare companies delivering great customer experience?’ and Part 2 is now available! The second part of this customer experience research in healthcare explores how healthcare companies are working to gain customer feedback and the difficulties these companies feel they face in assessing and measuring their customers’ experience.
    If you would like to receive your free copy of this research (and if you missed part 1), please email or click on the image below.

    Customer Experience Research in Healthcare

  • Our latest research: ‘Are healthcare companies delivering great customer experience?’

    19.01.17 In: Current Research

    Customer Experience was a hot topic pan-industry in 2016 and looks set to continue to be an important driver of competitive differentiation in the healthcare industry in 2017. In the consumer world, many of the most successful industries are adapting their business practices to ensure they consistently deliver an excellent ‘customer experience’ but what about the healthcare industry?
    Our latest 4-part research examines what many in the healthcare community ponder: Are healthcare companies delivering great customer experience?
    Part 1 is available for download here and covers 2016’s UK Customer Experience Awards results, written by CEx Awards judge, Stephanie Hall, Managing Director of Uptake Strategies.

    Parts 2, 3 and 4 will be available in the coming months and if you would like to receive your free copy of this research, then please email who will send you the research as it’s released.

  • Healthcare Marketing Capability Audits

    29.11.16 In: Current Research, News

    Do you know how your team’s marketing capabilities benchmark? Investment in marketing capabilities is one of the key drivers of competitive advantage. We have a proven, unique and validated Marketing Capability Audit tool which will not only assess your marketing team’s capabilities but benchmark their competency level vs. industry standard ratings.

    We have delivered healthcare Marketing Capability Audits in 30+ countries across Asia, LatAm, USA, Europe, Middle East, Africa over the past 10 years. Focusing on 5 capability areas; Analysis & Insight, Strategy & Planning, Channel Selection and Customer Experience, Implementation and KPIs / Monitoring & Control our Marketing Capability Audit can be applied across a range of marketing roles, seniority & experience and can deliver measurable competency increases of 11-33% year on year when combined with our award-winning Marketing Training Programmes.

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