• What’s your healthcare brand story?

    28.05.18 In: News

    Next in our series is a one page framework to tell your healthcare brand’s “story”.

    One Page Healthcare Brand Story

  • How to create a one page brand plan

    21.05.18 In: News

    We challenge ourselves at Uptake to help healthcare teams create structured, customer focussed, impactful brand plans that deliver measurable business results and a positive contribution to the healthcare patients and physicians. So can we really synthesise a healthcare brand plan on a page?

    Yes, we think you can!

  • The worst KPIs to include in your healthcare brand plan

    09.05.18 In: News

    For part two of our brand planning series, we’d like to share our view of “The worst KPIs to include in your healthcare brand plan”. We call these “vanity metrics”: metrics that we are used to relying on from past experience and are easy to measure, but really don’t tell us anything meaningful about customer engagement, behaviour changes or promotional channel effectiveness.

    So here they are (click on the image to view in a larger format):Vanity Metrics KPIs

  • XFT Chaos in your Brand Team?

    30.04.18 In: News

    As many of you may be kicking off your cross-functional brand team (XFT) approach to brand planning for 2019, we thought you would like to see the Uptake Strategies “10 ways to build a high performing XFT”, based on our years of experience working with healthcare teams on planning, capability and launch. Authored by Maxine Smith.

    We trust this is useful stimulus to champion successful XFT working in your teams and realise the creativity and innovation that a high performing XFT can deliver.

    If you’d like some help building a strong XFT to set up your brand planning or launch for success, contact us now! 

  • Why are healthcare companies lagging in customer satisfaction? Part 4 of Research Available.

    29.11.17 In: Current Research, News

    In the final instalment of our 2016 research of Customer Experience in pharmaceuticals and healthcare, we measure the current perception of customer satisfaction and experience from the viewpoint of healthcare professionals and explore ways in which this may be improved.

    Our research suggests that pharma and healthcare companies are lagging in comparison with other sectors in terms of customer satisfaction, why this may be and ways in which we can combat this ever-increasing issue.

  • Uptake Strategies – PMEA 2017 Winners!

    16.11.17 In: News

    We are delighted that our award submitted for this year’s Pharmaceutical Market Excellence Awards (PMEA) was announced as the winner of its category last night!

    “Inspiring Excellence in Multichannel Marketing across Sanofi”, was entered into the Excellence in Capability Development category and the judges particularly commended the project design working in digital specialist and marketer pairs, scale (across 20 countries), rigour of content and excellent measurement in this training project.

Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now. Alan Lakein
A clear vision, backed by definite plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power. Brian Tracy
You now have to decide what ‘image’ you want for your brand. Image means personality. Products, like people, have personalities, and they can make or break them in the market place. David Ogilvy
The purpose of strategic planning is the identification and creation of competitive advantage. Professor Malcolm MacDonald
Never ever, ever, ever give up. Winston Churchill
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