For part two of our brand planning series, we’d like to share our view of “The worst KPIs to include in your healthcare brand plan”.

We call these “vanity metrics”: metrics that we are used to relying on from past experience and are easy to measure, but really don’t tell us anything meaningful about customer engagement, behaviour changes or promotional channel effectiveness.

So here they are:

Let’s turn to the most useful KPIs to include in your brand plan. Here are our recommendations based on our industry experience working on strategic, operational and multi-channel plans that drive successful brand UPTAKE and physician engagement.

If you like this thinking, do let us know. And if you’d like some help building a brand plan with the finest set of KPIs in the industry to support strategic and tactical decision making, contact us now!
If you would like a high resolution copy of these infographics in poster form, please email This is edition 2 of our 4-part brand planning poster series, available exclusively to our clients on direct request.

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